It’s a gift to give


If a client asked the 3rdView team to build a gift-giving prioritisation matrix there are a few criteria that would top our list. High impact Small investment, easy to source Environmentally sustainable Produced locally A big dose of human connection Ticking all those boxes sounds like quite a challenge! Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you and have identified 3 gift ideas that are perfect for any time of year. Feedback… gratitude We love feedback. We encourage everyone to seek and give feedback to show they care, and help drive improvement. Throughout the year it tends to focus on [...]

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Thriving ‘in the zone’


The European sporting summer is a chance for the planet’s best athletes to do their thing. Whether that’s grinding their way up the Alps in the Tour de France, fizzing a low backhand slice on the grass at Wimbledon, or stepping up at Wembley to take a penalty in the Euros, careers and reputations are tested, and heroes are born. Those competitors who can get ‘in the zone’ and stay there long enough, like Aussie tennis star Ash Barty, or Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, can realise their dreams and be crowned champions. But what about the rest of us? The [...]

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Design Thinking can help us make sense of world events


One of the most critical aspects of Design is the concept of feedback. When the people we are designing for tell us what they value and don’t value about their experiences, and about our solution ideas, we are obliged to listen, because ultimately their experience is what determines our level of success. If we are open and truly empathise with the people we are designing for, the conversation that follows will be aimed at working together to find a better solution. People who don’t subscribe to a ‘design thinking’ mindset, or don’t feel responsible for the current reality, often respond [...]

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Make the most of today!


News flash… The pandemic is no longer an excuse to be ordinary! It’s been a rollercoaster… things that felt so odd a year ago, now feel relatively normal. As individuals, communities and businesses we’ve accepted, adapted, and got on with it. Consumers were patient and understanding when it was clear we are adapting on the run. Today they expect that we’ve paused, pivoted and embedded the necessary changes to get moving again. Not only do your customers deserve to interact with an engaged, focused version of you that is strongly connected to purpose, they expect it. And in a competitive [...]

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Let’s get started


Hello 2021! Quotes, memes and messages have been flooding social media heralding the start of a new year and encouraging us to leave challenges of the old year behind. We’re reminded of fresh starts, new beginnings, and a blank slate to craft our own story of 2021. Meanwhile, we’re in the midst of a global shared experience that has reminded us that we can’t control everything. We’ve learned that the best strategies and plans can be derailed at a moment’s notice, and that we have to be ready to adapt to threats and make the most of opportunities thrown our [...]

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‘Tis the season to replenish


‘Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you’. There’s something in this for all of us as we close out 2020. It’s common to hear people talking about taking a break over the holidays as they navigate the end of year business rush, social engagements, and travel plans. There is always lots to celebrate and look forward to. Unsurprisingly, the 2020 narrative is a little different. People seem tired, and desperate for the calendar to click over to 2021, as if that stroke of midnight will magically change our current reality. 2020 [...]

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Get set for ’21


Human connection and conversations have always been a part of life at 3rdView. We care deeply about the people we interact with and the lives that we have the opportunity to shape through our work. In 2020 people have grappled with a myriad of personal and professional challenges in the context of Covid-19. Many businesses are now more accepting and supportive of a human-centred approach. We are all grateful for this. Our conversations have exposed a rollercoaster of emotions… from disorientation, shock, grief, fear and panic, to relief, positivity, clarity and hope. As we move towards year end, we’re hearing [...]

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5 things organisations can learn from Liverpool FC in 2020


Leaders are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration that their organisations can benefit from. What are others doing that we can implement to make a real, positive difference? How do we deliver on our purpose? With some industries like financial services and aged care suffering identity crises after scathing royal commissions, and organisations like AMP struggling to break free of a ‘win at all cost’ mentality, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere for our cultural leadership? When I look for inspiration in these confronting times, I’m finding it in unexpected places. One example is the world of football. And [...]

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Adapting to remote facilitation


As experienced facilitators, the 3rdView team loves nothing better than bringing participants and a problem together in a room for a conversation. Thanks to remote working, we’ve enjoyed testing and translating our facilitation fundamentals in a virtual context. We’ve taken the time to prototype a range of situations where facilitators and participants connect over technology, and we’ve learned plenty along the way! To help you fast-track your path to facilitating effective digital conversations, we have narrowed down our top 3 tips on… what to retain as a facilitator what to change as a facilitator participant ‘must haves’ for a great [...]

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It’s time for a Human-Centred approach


It’s interesting to see how we take things for granted until they are taken away, and how we adapt when they’re gone. It’s early April 2020 in Brisbane and change is all around us. For most people, ‘work’ has changed one way or another – got busier, gone remote, gone altogether. Just a month ago our economy was strong, kids were at school, holidays were being planned, and we could drop in to the local restaurant or coffee shop to catch up with friends and colleagues. Today we’re staying home and our human connection has been limited to our household [...]

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