The ‘Peak End’ Rule


The ‘peak end’ rule applies to customer experiences where the process may be drawn out over a few hours, days, weeks or even months, and looking back we tend to only remember two aspects of the experience. The emotional peak, when the experience was at its the most frustrating or enjoyable, and the end, how did it eventually turn out. Once such instance occurred just last week when my wife and I were lucky enough to attend a concert, which doesn’t happen too often these days. The opportunity to see Paul Kelly and Neil Finn playing together rolling out more [...]

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The Language of your Brand


At 3rdView, we’re strong believers that engaged and passionate employees are an essential element of your customer-focused business.  They reflect and reinforce your brand, and can turn it into something truly special.  This really hit home last week during a visit to ‘Le Bon Choix’… Le Bon Choix ("The Best Choice") describes itself as a bakery.  Its branding reflects the French heritage of the owner, and his pursuit for excellence in the creation of exquisite French pastry, cake and bread.  They’re clearly focused on their art – quality product first and foremost. Walk in to Le Bon Choix, and you’ll [...]

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Customer focus beyond sales…


When you mention ‘Customer Focus’ a lot of people immediately think of their sales department. The reality is that good Customer Focus must be designed into every part of your business. A recent interaction with our Insurance Broker is testament to this… I’ve been with my Broker a couple of years. They’ve generally been happy, helpful and responsive and I have my insurance. Insurance is just one of the things my business needs. It’s a hygiene factor. I don’t get excited about it, but I’m satisfied. A couple of months ago we sought to increase our cover to comply with the purchasing policy of [...]

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A tale of two coffee shops


People often think that becoming customer-focused will increase costs – they’re scared that it will mean more staff, better technology and more features. But sometimes, there are simple little things that can make a huge difference. Let me share the tale of two coffee shops… As a Consultant, I find myself in different parts of town every day. Coffee is part of my routine wherever I go, so I get to observe a whole range of rituals at different coffee shops. There are two that fascinate me from a customer experience perspective. Both coffee shops serve good coffee, make me feel welcome and [...]

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Welcome to 3rdView(s)


I’m told that one of the greatest skills I have is the ability to translate my day-to-day interactions into lessons on how to become a more customer-focused organisation. Useful? Absolutely! I founded 3rdView Consulting with a vision to make Brisbane the most customer-focused city in Australia. That doesn’t mean every interaction has to be an outstanding, over-the-top, Cirque du Soleil kind of experience, it just means that interactions are easy, smooth and without niggles or complaints. Hundreds of times each day I find myself observing ordinary interactions from the outside – seeing different perspectives on the situation. By doing this, [...]

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